Here are the meeting notes as a .pdf file: SWCC Education Committee Minutes 2018-04-25.pdf

The Education Committee of the SW Common Council

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

6:30 to 8:00 pm at

Arnett Branch Library, 310 Arnett Boulevard


Pamela Bollar           Aenon Church, 19th Ward

Delbra Brown           D.A. Brown Consulting, 698-9833/317-4313,

Eleanor Coleman     YouthBuild, Inc. 224-5119,

John Laing                19WCA Schools Comm & Sch #16 Vol, 235-5236,

Jennifer Lenio          Rochester Public Libraries (South District), 428-8272,

Patricia Mosher        RCSD #44,

Moniek Silas-Lee     RCSD #19, 607-738-1175,


Library News

  • Wheatley

    • Adult Book Club, Women & Wisdom; monthly, Wed, 5:30-6:30

    • Homework Tutor every Wednesday, 4-6pm

    • Mix & Mingle for Teens & Kids; learn how to make a salad 4/30, 5-6

  • Arnett

    • Job Fair 5/15, 3-5pm

    • Saturday Story Times every week, 1-1:30pm, Ages 2-5

    • Tail Waggin Tutors, 5/16, 4pm

    • Arts & Crafts every Tuesday 4:30pm, Ages 2-5

    • Teen Yoga, Thursdays 5/3 & 5/16, 3:15-4pm

    • Free Childbirth Education Classes Saturdays (what to expect), 5/12 & 5/19, 10-1 – REGISTRATION REQUIRED via

Libraries undergoing an overall evaluation of all their facilities and encouraging feedback and input. Paper and online opportunities to provide input.

Response by Bo Wright Regarding Questions Raised at 3/28/18 Education Meeting:

  • Regarding School 1, School 15 will be moving into that space.  

  • From a facilities perspective, School 16 is projected to be filled.  Placement, facilities and communications are working together to coordinate additional communication focused on the ribbon-cutting, promoting the new facility and attracting students and families.  

  • A question was raised regarding SPED support in a new class at 44.  I confirmed that the room is currently being staffed by substitutes.  However, the school chief and the SPED dept are working with Human Capital to permanently staff and will continue sending candidates. Additionally, they will be providing support through instructional coaches, SPED administrators and behavioral specialists.

  • I am still waiting on the breakdown of students by zip for School 16.  I’ll provide that info once I have it.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me if needed.  

School #3 – Gail Evans

  • No Report

School #10 – Update

  • Nothing new; students will be moving for a year to accommodate their renovation

School #16 – Update – John Laing

  • ZIP CODE FEEDER INFORMATION WAS DISTRIBUTED. JOHN L. WILL ASK IF THIS CAN BE DONE FOR ALL SCHOOLS SO WE CAN HAVE A BETTER OVERALL PICTURE OF WHERE STUDENTS ARE COMING FROM AND WHERE THEY ARE GOING OUTSIDE THE NEIGHBORHOOD. This information would be helpful to school principals and administrative staff, especially in terms of expanding the community school concept. Bo Wright supplied the attendance by Zip code info for school 16:

  • School #16 should be available TO teachers 8/1.

  • Principal Selection Committee Discussion – Ernestine Brown, Parent Liaison, on 4/15 invited John L. and John B. to attend selection meetings on 4/17 and 4/18 at 4pm. John B. was on vacation. John L. reported that 3 candidates were interviewed 4/17 and 3 more were supposed to be interviewed the next day. John L. was able to attend for the first 2 interviews on 4/17 but then had a meeting with Board Member Beatriz Lebron that conflicted with the last interview; John L. told that if he couldn’t stay, he could not be part of the selection. Questions are pre-selected questions which are assigned to the interviewers; no follow-up questions.

  • Betsy Romson:  Square Fair & School #16 - Please include info about SQ Fair on the Agenda for April 25 mtg.  It is my hope that flyers can be given to all that attend SQ Fair pertaining to the opening of #16. I hope to return April 30 and to print the flyers if you and the group think well of this idea. Has any person mentioned opening #16 Playground this summer?  Students could be hired under the supervision of City of Rochester Recreation. Flyers could also be given out about this at Sq Fair.   Miss all of you.  Betsy Romson

  • John L. noted that RCSD has disseminated postcards that show a picture of the gym from the Colgate St side and on the other side informs the community that that they will have access. The same marketing has been done for School #10.

School #19 – Update

  • Construction will move the main office to the front of the building as opposed to the long trek it currently takes to get to the main office; it will be ready before the 2018-19 school year starts. This is a safety and security issue but it will also include a much-welcome façade update.

School #29 Update - Joe Baldino - No update

Work w/ AQE/Metro Justice on Behalf of School #41 – Richard Codding - No update

School #44 Update

Karen Lahr School #44 - Email to Bo Wright

Our new dilemma, although it’s not too new, is that two of our pre-K classes are slated to go over to #16. We here at school are trying to figure this out. Of the two classes that are slated to move, one is 4 year olds and the other is 3 year olds.

1. If we are trying to build community schools and we already have a base here with these 2 preschools, why would we get rid of them?  They are the PERFECT feeders for the school age program.

2. If these 2 classrooms are gone, the parents that we could be getting for the 3 year old program will have to look elsewhere.  I already know of 2 families that this will effect as they have siblings here in the school age and want their children to stay together.  There is now the potential to lose 2 whole families because of these moves.

3. Why wouldn’t #16 just be able to open two brand new preK’s?  The classes may be small to start with as new classes usually are but they would most likely expand.

4. If these two classes, in fact, do move, why wouldn’t the teachers move with them.  The way that it is happening now, the two teachers will be displaced from their own program.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

Anyways, can you give me any clarity on this so that I can talk to the preschool teachers about it?  As always, morale here is pretty low. Maybe you’ll be able to shed some light and help to lift their spirits.

Karen Lahr, Kindergarten Teacher, School #44, 328-5272 x1120

Patricia Mosher, Pre-K teacher at School #44, noted that she is one of the teachers mentioned in Karen Lahr’s letter (last hired, first to go; must reapply); current pre-K has many parents from the neighborhood who walk their children to and from school. Moniek noted that other schools have the same issue where a lot of support and energy is poured into Pre-K with the hopes that students will be able to continue, especially when they have brothers or sisters at the school. Patricia noted that Pre-K students develop relationships with their teachers and benefit from the familiarity of being able to continue to see their previous teacher in the next year. SCHOOL STAFF ASKING THIS COMMITTEE FOR DIRECT SUPPORT WITH THE ISSUE OF DISCONNECTION BETWEEN PRE-K AND KINDERGARTEN AT THE SAME SCHOOL.

Policy of moving children from Pre-K to another school as opposed to letting them continue in the same school seems unreasonable; what about school choice and sibling preference? Displacement doesn’t make sense.

Wilson Commencement Update

  • Delbra Brown, consultant, tomorrow is Take Your Daughter to Work Day and as she is a Minority Women In Business (MWBE) member she is holding an event at Wilson tomorrow from 11-2 called “If You Can See It, You Can Be It.” Beatriz Lebron will attend to talk about the importance of education; other presenters include: Dorthea King Simpson, DEKS Consulting; Charlotte Thomas-Burch, Sensuous Satiables; Beverly Coley-McMillion, Beverly McMillion Realty.

  • Delbra has written a book based on her mother’s phrase, “If I Can’t Be the Cake, I Won’t Be the Crumz;” The concept is that you need to have to the right ingredients in the cake; presents the conversation of healthy communication for children. Play will be held 5/11 & 5/12, promptly at 7:30pm (doors open at 6pm; vendors onsite). Tickets $15 in advance; $20 at the door. (Sensuous Satiables is a ticket location.)

  • Can parts of play be brought to library branches? Delbra will connect with Jen as they have done this in the past and it would be good to expand it.

Wilson Foundation Update – Delbra Brown

  • May 5 – Rochester Black Authors Expo (see Facebook); 30+ authors in Cafeteria; fourth year its been done. Best student essay gets a monetary award. Power of writing and seeing black authors.


  • New Facebook page offering updated information on students and programs.

  • Very successful Job Fair at OACES today.

  • Open House, 5/9, 1-4pm, 30 Hart Street; student ambassadors will offer tours and information on OACES programs. There will also be a student panel discussion.

  • Youth Build teaches construction skills to 16-24 yr old at-risk youth and help them earn HSE; goal is to place them in construction jobs or higher education. 2 weeks of orientation and “mental toughness”; 6 weeks of classroom instruction; 5 weeks of on-site training. Recruiting now for next class which starts June 4. Jennifer will see if YouthBuild can be part of the 4/15 Job Fair.

City Recreation

  • No report.

Walk-in Items

  • Saturday Spelling Bee was a great success. Moniek noted that it was awesome to watch. UR Fraternity is involved and supportive.

Scribe Services: Eleanor Coleman, YouthBuild, Inc., 224 -5119,

SWCC Education Committee Chair, John Boutet, 328-4271,

19thWCA Schools Committee Chair, John Laing, 235-5236,

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