Call for Local Photos!  Gift Card Award to Deli Sandro's.


Calling all photographers!  Location19 is looking for submissions for the header for the site.  Submit your seasonal photo and receive a $15 gift card to Deli Sandro’s, known for their fantastic sandwiches and breakfast items.  Check them out at  The owner of the photo that is used can just print the banner page with your credit line to receive the gift card.   Turn it in at Deli Sandro’s, and enjoy a great meal or two! 

 One photo a month will be selected by the site administrators, as best depicting the spirit of the season, and fit for use on the site as a banner.

 Best photos for the site would be horizontal in scope, as you can see at the top of the page.  Submit photos to John Boutet,  The site reserves the right to post their own image for a special event or if no submissions are selected.  Image that displays is 720x222 pixels.  Image may be optimized.

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Deli Sandro's, thank you for participation in this.  And your reply.  The Cubano is my current fave at DS's!  Most scrumptious sandwich ever!  Ham, cappicola, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sizzled in a pannini.  It does not get any better than this!  You guys rock!  If I won the lottery, I would eat a different sandwich every day there.  The bread makes it fantastic.  I can't wait for summer, when you can get locally grown tomatoes for the Caprese.

Here's a hint when claiming your prize!  If your photo is used, during page setup to print, go to "view background image" and print from that.  Then take to Deli Sandro's for a $15 GIFT CARD!  It will show a small photo of the banner with your name.

Wow! That photo winner got me and a friend some fantastic food, a Caprese and a Cubano at Deli Sandro's.  They were great!   As is my garden :)

I redeemed my photo printout-this's months award- ordered 2 subs and was quite pleased. The meatball sub may have been the best I've had locally. The italian assorted was great also. Thanks to Tony  for the promotion. We'll be a patron from now on.



The Italian in a wrap is also great.  Got any spring photos yet?  Free food if you submit. 

They also have a new Chicken Plymouth Roc that looks great.

Mark S.

Fall photo that may work for banner of Location19?  Hey, you must have taken one or two that appealed to you.  Share them and if can be used as a banner, you get a gift card from Deli Sandro's for some great food!  We want to see your photos!

Wow!  Actually a pretty stunning photo, now that I see it.  And I will be going to see Tony at Deli Sandro's soon!

It's time for another banner photo!  Summer's here.  Contributors?  Prize is delicious!

Sorry, instructions for printing photo no longer seem to work.  Will have to talk to John and re-write.  More soon.


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