I recently joined the Location 19 website to make you aware of a college bar that is opening in my neighborhood.  I am a longtime resident on S Plymouth Ave and I just became aware of a gentleman that is trying to open up a college bar at 1155 S Plymouth Ave.  This is the same gentleman that has been buying up properties for students and evicting my friends and neighbors.  I do not think the neighborhood needs a college bar.  We will be inundated with drunk college kids on Friday and Saturday nights.  The city and neighborhood must stand up to prevent this bar.  It will only bring trouble.  The bar name is Plymouth Roc.  That is the same name of the gang that terrorized our streets years ago.  We do not need this.  We do not want this. 


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I am sorry but i will fully support anyone who wants to buy property in this area and invest money in running a business there. There are plenty of bars on the other side of the river, have these "drunk college kids" been a problem there?

It's a commercial strip, it's a legal use, cities have bars.

If you wanted your neighborhood full or boarded up building perhaps you should have bought it

Most of the times, in this neighborhood at least, property changes hands w/o even residents knowing it was up for sale!! 

I welcome new business in the area.  We have many successful bars on Mt. Hope.   Let's wait and see if this is a problem before we judge it so.  If it is, there are ways to address.  I doubt the bar's name is a reflection of the gang's, but just a great creative idea for naming.  We should support all efforts for growth (unless they obviously are negative, as you imply.)  Let's give them a chance.  I think this may be someone seeing an opportunity for growth on this side of the river.  It could work out really well.  I lived on Mt. Hope at the U of R across from a bar, and it was never a problem.   

Perhaps it's a bar for colonial reenactors?

From the looks of the photos on the Facebook page, it's going to be a LONG time before that property would meet code to be opened as a new business.  It would be good to check as to whether there are any permits that have been issued for the work that needs to be done. I am guessing that there MIGHT be issues of lead and/or asbestos that need to be evaluated. 

As far as I understand, it's difficult to simply open up a 'bar' in the city in terms of getting a liquor license, etc. I remember when  Julius Cafe opened they, originally, only served food and had to wait a period of time to get a liquor license. I think the same was true of Boulder.

It sounds like the bigger concern Lucinda is raising is related to the experience of her friends/neighbors being evicted by new landlord and a concern re: gentrification. This seems to be similar to the issues Judy has raised re: construction/ re-construction of various properties without proper permits and the buying up of multiple properties!

We DO need decent, tax paying businesses in our neighborhoods but not at the expense of residents.... figuring out a 'win/win' would be ideal. 

In case anyone is curious, this is what a liquor license application looks like. I am sure that's a decent size check on the end of the stack.

I am all for good businesses, but let's not forget most college students are not the legal drinking age.

Getting the liquor license is a lot easier than the NYS Liquor Authority policing those they grant licensing too!! 

OMG I just realized where this property is.  OK, so I better start trying to re-route myself home now because parking from the one bar on the other side of the street on S. Plymouth already poses a problem maneuvering that corner to get home on the weekends.  Where will the new bar owners customers park??    Oh, and then there is the residual Styrofoam plates, plastic cutlery, and plastic cups from the Grab n Go food served always currently available for viewing on Monday mornings.............Looks like another Lose/Lose situation.  Just waiting for a decent offer, I'm out! Secured senior living, here I come!

The Colonial theme is definitely an idea on the burner! It will tough to make that tie in with a different name though :-(

I gasped as I read the name of the proposed bar-Plymouth Roc!  There were 7-10 members of Plymouth Rock gang who were sentenced to prison terms.  And some have been released and some are scheduled for release in the near future.  Court Watch sat as each defendant was sentenced.  Not a pleasant memory.... If it's for the college town, why not use the college colors-Black n Yellow Pub?????

Hello Everyone!
My name is Anthony D'Alessandro. I am the person responsible for developing the restaurant at 1155 S Plymouth Ave. Up until yesterday I was unaware such a forum even existed. I really think this is a fantastic asset to the community! I am excited to have this opportunity to share our plans with so many people in the community and look forward to, with the help of all of you, getting some meaningful feedback. 

First and Foremost it is important that everyone understand that Plymouth ROC is a work in progress. We have a firm compass on what we want it to be and what we do not want it to be. Some issues are certainly negotiable (ie. name, decor, facade, etc) and others are definitively non-negotiable (ie. presentable dress code enforcement, acceptable respectful behavior, and of course quality products & friendly service). 

We want to create a high quality, open, inviting, well lit, visible space that is clean where our guests can come and enjoy high quality mid priced ($8 -$12) food and beverage options. All in all we want it to be a place that we are proud to tell others what a delight it is to go there. We want it to be a place where our guests are excited to share their experience with their friends. 

We do not want it to continue to be the eye sore that it is today.

Many people have asked, what are my credentials to do this. For the past 5 years I have held a number of positions in the food & beverage department at the Walt Disney World resort. I have had the opportunity to study their leadership strategies and learn first hand the important role that quality, safety, cleanliness, and uncompromised guest service play in the success of a business. We are not in the bar business, we are in the making sure our guests feel happy, safe, and comfortable business. That is what will bring them back.

I understand that we have a journey ahead of us. If we do not strive for the best we will never get it. I am excited to have the opportunity and challenge of taking something that has been an eye sore to the community and turning it into something great. 

I look forward to receiving your feedback and would appreciate some menu and name ideas!


Anthony D'Alessandro


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