I recently joined the Location 19 website to make you aware of a college bar that is opening in my neighborhood.  I am a longtime resident on S Plymouth Ave and I just became aware of a gentleman that is trying to open up a college bar at 1155 S Plymouth Ave.  This is the same gentleman that has been buying up properties for students and evicting my friends and neighbors.  I do not think the neighborhood needs a college bar.  We will be inundated with drunk college kids on Friday and Saturday nights.  The city and neighborhood must stand up to prevent this bar.  It will only bring trouble.  The bar name is Plymouth Roc.  That is the same name of the gang that terrorized our streets years ago.  We do not need this.  We do not want this. 


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Mr. D'Alessandro, are you aware of the South Plymouth Avenue Business Association as well as the Plymouth-Exchange Neighborhood Association?  Some things that have happened with development along S. Plymouth Ave have left a bad taste in the mouths of us some of us long-standing PLEX residents (40 years myself).  Not saying that I won't accept your proposals, but right now, I personally am a little 'gun'shy'....Is there a Zoning Board meeting scheduled with the City yet for this proposal?  I don't recall seeing any red & white notification signs.  Please feel free to contact me @ judi_lori@yahoo.com  

Hello Judi,
Yes, we are aware of both the SPABA and PLEX. We are still in process of developing potential layouts, concepts and other details. Once we have the sketches and architect renderings done our next step is to approach both those groups seeking feedback and ideas. We will then take what we learn there, make any changes we feel are suitable, and by that time we will be looking to go before the zoning board.

Barring any 'switcheroos' or 'like it or not we don't really care' attitudes this just might be a great addition to the neighborhood! But parking will no doubt be challenging.

Welcome to the SW Anthony -

since you asked for feedback here are some thoughts:

1) it is probably important for you to know that this community is still recovering from, what some call, the Boulder Coffee fiasco. There are difficult feelings that linger about 'developers' who come into an existing community, promise things, under-deliver on the promise and then (to quote another) "take the money and run". You are off to a good start by joining this group.

2) the PLEX neighborhood and 19th Ward have community groups that you may want to get involved with. You might find it works to be proactive in terms of getting involved with people to share your ideas.

3) if you plan to open a restaurant please focus on excellent customer service and decent food -  we need that here!

4) please consider changing the proposed name - as you have heard from others, Plymouth ROC is the name of a local gang that destroyed lives, property and our community. While you may not have known this, I think you will buy some good will by making that change ASAP.

good luck with your business venture.... by the way, do you OWN that building?? If not, can you let us know who the owner is??

AND let's not forget the promises from a developer with the U of R student housing apartment complex ON S Plymouth, then the 'switcheroo' and the 'who cares if you don't like it community folks' attitude, from the developer and the records at the County building recording a purchaser ( U of R) in five years from the opening. Being involved with both projects on the community side as well as making a $$$ contribution to the Urban Brew (later changed to Boulder Coffee) I am still a little wary of Big Promises by developers. That sting really hurt!! Many large homes along S. Plymouth Ave. have recently been converted to apartments even utilizing the 3rd floor.  I have yet to see green 'Permit' signs visible while this construction took place for most of the summer.  And for each room rented, there is no doubt a automobile attached.  5-6 students= 5-6 cars parked where?? In view of what's in store for the PLEX neighborhood this is according to former Mayor William Johnson, 'prime' land.  Businesses stand to make a great deal of money and we definitely don't want investors to rake in the big bucks then in 5 years, 1155 return to it's current state and the boards go back up. I have personally seen boards go up after long standing residents have died, then they come down, and non-existing landlords evict tenants every 30 days.  Then when the house can no longer produce an income due to its deteriorated state, the boards go back up until another fly by night investor gives it a go for another year. 1155 S. Plymouth, many years ago, housed a family owned dry cleaners.  Mrs. Stamp of Stamps Dry Cleaners was an icon in this community.  She knew all of us customers by name. The train whistle from the train that ran along the west side of the Genesee River river and across S. Plymouth used to lull many of our children to sleep at night.  The first Fire Department Captain once lived on the corner of S. Plymouth and Flint St (now an empty lot) .  Dr. Lundsford, one of the first African American physicians, once had his office on S. Plymouth and Dr. Boddie had his offices not far on Clarissa St.  A local ice cream parlor once stood on the corner of S. Plymouth and Magnolia.  Niblack's (once known as Taddco) had it's beginning at the corner pocket of Magnolia & Cottage St.  This PLEX community has such a rich history history that no one seems to care about.   Mr. D'Allessandro, please read the attached document to familiarize yourself with some of the rich history of this neighborhood.  This is a file I have compiled from listening to the PLEX 'old timers' who have long since passed away and from reading books on early Rochester.  As much money as the Lucky 7 corner store once housed at 1155 S Plymouth made just from this community alone, as I mentioned before, during Clean Sweep, we were never offered a bottle of water as we swept and cleaned up in front of his store not to mention the fact that my son, at the age of 16, was offered a hand gun for purchase from the owner! They gave back nothing to this community!   I was married here in the PLEX community, bore and raised my 4 children here, and I am still here. I was once the president of the Elba Street Block Club, started the Neighborhood Watch/Phone Tree on Elba street, helped coordinate several Block Party's on Elba Street,  was a member of PAC-TAC in the PLEX community, designed the Court Watch program for the Southwest as well as the Training Module, designed and printed the monthly PLEX Informer for several years and graduated from the first class of the Citizen's Police Academy .   So, I think my long-standing investment in this community may be worth the consideration of not only listening to my voice, but actually hearing what I have to say.  Peace out! 


Judi - Absolutely, There is a lot of very fascinating information here and in the document you attached. I can tell you will be an asset as we develop ideas for decor and theme. One of our potential ideas on the drawing board is to have a historical time line "border" on the wall that wraps around in chronilogical order with significant events pertaining to the area. You would't happen to have any old photos would you?

Anthony, you are doing a great job adressing concerns and I hope your new business is a success.  Another person you should contact for history and photos is John Curran, who is also working on improving the area along the river on this side.   His e-mail address is: 


 I am sure he would be interested in hearing from you.  He is a treasure-trove of historical info. He can fill you in on a number of major projects underway.


I have met with John Curran. Treasure Trove is a good word to use. Dedication is another! I took his tour, it was great. He also had a wealth of great interesting photos that he shared with us! I think some of them may find their way up on the wall. 

I like this idea.  Checking my 1000's of photos now.

Do you know if the house numbers posted are modern or correlate to the numbers of the time?

What particular items would you like to see on the menu? I will keep them in mind as we put everything together.


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