The Education Committee of the SW Common Council

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

6:00 to 7:50 pm at

Arnett Branch Library, 310 Arnett Boulevard

Video of meeting should be live late Sun. 7/28/2109 at:

Here are the meeting notes as a .pdf fileSWCC Education Committee Minutes 2019-07-24.pdf


Ricardo Adams            19th Ward Resident, 615-1626,

Daisy Algarin                   Rochester NSC Director,, 428-7711

John Boutet                     SWCC Education Committee Chair, 328-4271,

Eleanor Coleman           CFC YouthBuild, 224-5119,

Patricia Connor              Roch Public Library,

Tammy Hahn                   School #44 Teacher,

Manuel Hernandez        19th Ward Resident,, 733-6758

Cecilia Golden             RCSD Deputy Supt for Teaching & Learning,, 262-8100

John Laing                   19WCA Schools Comm & Sch #16 Vol, 235-5236,

Lee Loomis                  School #10 Tutoring Team,, 585 738-3079 c

Beth Mascitti-Miller     RCSD Deputy Supt of Admin,, 262-8100

Khadijah Muhammad    RCSD Office of Parent Engagement,, 262-8658

Betsy Romson                 19th Ward Resident,, 328-8313

Chojy Schroeder            19th Ward Resident & Teacher,, 328-9596

Community Schools: School 17 as a model. Local enrollment. Receivership developments-SW-CET’s, RCSD plans & training for transition Elizabeth Mascitti-Miller, Deputy Superintendent of Administration

  • Office of Community Schools is in Miller’s office; currently have 10 community schools being formed (some only 1.5 years old); all at different points in their development and each have their own personality. This is in addition to Schools 9 and 17; Info on RCSD website. RCSD has 10 CET schools.

  • Community School model is part of the improvement strategy having 3 parts: Core Instructional Program, Expanded Learning Opportunities, and Comprehensive Support Services

  • Critical Elements – (1) Strong curriculum & instruction, (2) robust community and parent engagement/collaborative leadership, (3) health & mental health services/multi-tiered systems of support, (4) positive school climate/youth development, (5) expanded learning opportunities, (6) human and social services, and (7) adult education & workforce development

  • School #17

    • Strong community that has pushed for neighborhood Community School; community is co-leading with the principal

    • Charles Street Center supports the model

    • Recreation Center attached to school

    • Health Center – serves people who have specific health care coverage

  • School #9

    • Very strong Community School (and has been for many years)

    • Baden Street is a partner

    • Health Center – serves the children in the school

    • Expanded learning center

    • Faith-Based Community

    • Recreation Center attached

  • Emerging Community School Strategy:

    • Community School Coordinator (administrator) at each school

    • Professional learning network for principals and site coordinators

    • Space & time to establish trusted relationships in concentric circles of community and design from the ground up

    • Expanded learning time model includes community partners, wrap-around services, expanded opportunities; building structures for partnerships

    • Formal district infrastructure launching with director position

  • A School is put in local Receivership if it is in the bottom 5% of school in the State, based on a formula (academics, attendance, etc.). Initially the Superintendent is usually the Receiver who the school reports to. Each receivership school must set up a Community Engagement Team (CET) to guide its recovery.(for information on receivership schools state-wide go to

    • While schools can show growth, it may not be enough to be removed from receivership.

    • Schools in need of improvement were identified in Feb 2019 and the receivership cycle started; while we won’t be accountable for last year, we do only have 18 months to address the problems.

    • Receivership schools get advanced hiring preferences and other accommodations.

    • COST of this model: NY State did not provide more money though they want improved services; reallocation will be needed. Priorities will have to be established.

    • If progress in insufficient in the allotted time the school can be put in State receivership.

Main objective is to improve academic, social and emotional health for our children. Strategy must be mapped to that metric. e.g. Health services in a school is supposed to improve attendance, which will improve academics. Expanded learning (longer days) will provide more on-task time for core subjects which will improve academics.

Building City/Neighborhood/Agency Connections with Our Schools - Mayor, City Council, Neighborhood Associations. NSC Proposals - Daisy Rivera Algarin, Director, Neighborhood Service Centers @ City of Rochester

  • NSC’s are seen as a physical location to bring together community residents to address community issues that affect quality of life (responding to complaint calls, code violations, permits, housing issues, connection to all City departments, etc.)

  • Their job is to connect with groups like this. Daisy very impressed with the School #17 environment; very friendly energy.

  • Neighborhoods used to have Welcome Wagons; thinking about offering this to teachers. Can address issues that could be impacting student attendance (housing/eviction). Children strongly affected by abrupt and frequent moving (trauma). Putting together a “gift bag” for teachers; perhaps distributing them on the first day of school

  • Can NSC support parents who are often homeless and move a lot which affects attendance and significantly impacts the school’s standing? NSC can create a policy that, if a building is shut down, they can be sure that families reach homeless shelters and that NSC follows up. Daisy will find out if there is an organized process for reporting homelessness. She will also talk with the 211 and 311 representatives.

  • We do not have capacity to handle all the homeless families we have currently. Some policies are not conducive to families (12 year-old can’t stay).

  • Continuum Consortium of Care – shelter providers who talk with each other to identify resources.

  • NSC can respond to issues like bed bugs, lead paint, mold, etc. Can go after the landlord; if it is a health issue.

  • Nuisance Abatement Point System – landlord has 10 days to talk with NSC to address the abatement issue. No trouble in 6 months, points go away.

  • Recommendation to use the RCSD Parent & Community Engagement Dept to address getting students back into school quickly after a move. Daisy will connect 311 rep to this effort. There is also a faith leader in every quadrant who can help.

  • Neighborhood school = pulling children from the area; community school = getting the community involved in the schools

2nd Annual Community Schools Summit  ( August 19, 2019, 9am-3pm @ James Monroe High School, 164 Alexander, Register by July 30th; All are invited. For more information, contact: Beth Mascitti-Miller, RCSD Deputy Superintemdent of Admin,, 262-8100

Reasons policy of allowing children to come in before 9 was abandoned:

  • Child supervision – not enough staff to supervise

  • Teacher contracts – teachers not paid to teach earlier; use that time for set up

  • Transportation – children were coming at different times

  • Early entry will be needed for local busing to work best. What resources can we draw on?

CFC YouthBuild & Rotary SW– Update

  • Beats @ Brooks will start tomorrow 7/25, 6-8 @ Brooks Landing (Genesee & So. Plymouth); free entertainment every Thursday through the end of August.

Letter from Lovely Warren

  • High cost to send this letter at tax payer expense (approx. $10,000) to encourage doing away with the elected School Board and allowing the state to take over was discussed. Should we fight by protesting? Was letter paid by taxpayers legal?

  • Find ways (like today’s meeting) to make connections between organizations in the City and the District to improve the education system. Fight by improving the system and advertize.

  • Committee for Public Education very opposed to the referendum effort; next meeting is July 30th, 3:00 pm in the NYSUT Bldg., 30 Union St., in the 1st floor Lilac Room.  Also against constant testing of students.

Scribe Services: Eleanor Coleman, YouthBuild & OACES/NEDP, 224 -5119,

SWCC Education Committee Chair, John Boutet, 328-4271,

19thWCA Schools Committee Chair, John Laing, 235-5236,

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