Education Committee of the SW Common Council

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

at 6:00 -7:00 pm

 Here are the meeting notes as a .pdf file: SWCC Education Committee Minutes 2020-11-25.pdf

Video of this meeting is on YouTube at


John Boutet            SWCC Education Committee Chair, 328-4271,

Mary Coffey            N. Winton Village Co-Chair; Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods; Public Safety

Eleanor Coleman   Rotary SW, CFC YouthBuild, 224-5119,

Moniek Silas-Lee  School #19 Principal, 328-7454,

Rochester Coalition for Public Education (RCPE)

  • Having a meeting 11/27 to prepare for meeting with RCSD Superintendent in early December.

  • Talking with Bronson about funding and support related to new recommendations being made that doesn’t seem to take into consideration the concentration of poverty in the City; how are we making sure support services get into the schools?

  • Principals need to be part of the vision for schools. Leadership at City level should make sure schools know it’s important to work with the community and support that happening.

  • There was a time in the past, when teachers got the significant pay raise,that we were seen as an example of investing in children all over the country; however, did we get the necessary accountability that should have gone with the salary?

  • Getting great input and direction from Peter McWalters via Zoom.

  • High stakes testing leads to “teaching to the test.”

  • Waiting to see how Biden transition impacts overall Education.

  • Mixed messages regarding the impact of Bill Gates and others are having on education from a business point of view.

  • All schools should be good; shouldn’t have a few schools to which students can go to receive a high quality of education.

  • There are about 50 RCPE coalition members (persons who receive emails & notices); Dan Drmasich, past principal of School Without Walls is the coalition Coordinator.

  • Coalition member Howard Maffucci is a County Legislator working on how to expand internet connection within the City.

  • RCSD Covid cuts resulted in loss of staff needed to have schools function effectively (some support, some teaching staff, etc.).

  • Barrier to having volunteer adults to assist with Zoom tutoring due to confidentiality and required background checks to avoid child predetors.

School #19

  • 120 students in 7th & 8th grade (2 sections at each level); Pre-K - 8th grade; 361 students altogether

  • Students could benefit from having tutors, but Covid restrictions have presented a barrier. Ricky Frazier at Central Office is the contact person for this effort.

  • Superintendent has been supporting school efforts.

President’s Council

  • Might be a good place to ask for tutors; important to get the mechanics in place first before we recruit. Focus on after Covid. School #3 is doing tutoring online-just getting off the ground.

  • After Covid, Zoom will still be there and can be a tutoring resource if we begin working on a process now. Have different tutors for different subjects. Many of the subjects have changed and/or are being taught differently.

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