The Education Committee of the SW Common Council

Wednesday, 10/26/22

6-7 pm on Zoom

For Zoom Link, Contact John Boutet at

PDF of minutes: SWCC Education Committee Minutes 2022-10-26.pdf


Joe Baldino            School #29 Principal, 490-2245,

John Boutet          SWCC Education Committee Chair, 328-4271,

Eleanor Coleman   Rotary SW, CCFCS YouthBuild, 224-5119,

Alicia Evans         Common Ground Health, 210-2425,

Cecilia Golden      Education Leader, 680-9317,

Lentory Johnson   Light the Way/GEM, 749-3494,

Lee Loomis           School #10 Volunteer Tutor,

Victor Saunders     Adv to Mayor on Viol Prev, 428-7406,

Lieselle Taylor      Director of Community Schools,

Welcome & Introductions

Quick update of school news

  • Linda Cimusz is back as Interim Chief of Staff at RCSD

  • The new Maker's Space classroom at School #16 has a Donors Choose set up for more supplies.

  • Join School #29 this Friday, 10/28 3:30-5:30 PM for the School 29 Autumnal Gathering. We will celebrate the new Kenwood playspace with fall activities, live music, and light refreshments.

  • Facility Modernization Hearings moving forward.

  • Proposed School Closings will be on the Board agenda for approval.

  • RCSD is working to put a food pantry in every school (Lieselle Taylor)

  • Elections - current local political leadership is in support of our local busing proposal to build and strengthen neighborhoods (½ mile vs 1.5 miles)

Common Ground Health - Healthi Kids

We deliver bike education in a wide variety of settings including workplaces, college campuses, health care facilities, public libraries, schools, and community groups. Businesses often present bike education as a “lunch n’ learn” opportunity for their employees, but we’re up for anything!

Local busing update

  • Last month’s minutes has links to the 2 bills put through for half-mile busing. John spoke with Jeremy Cooney who is familiar with Ralph Spezio’s leadership in pushing for local busing and how it helped strengthen attendance and build neighborhood connection among parents and students

  • There is a bus driver shortage for even the 1.5 miles; this would have an impact.

  • Perception of the quality of the schools is an issue as to whether a parent would want to have their children attend a neighborhood school.

19WCA Strategic Planning

  • Hoping to get students from Wilson HS to get involved with 19th Ward planning. Leaders for strategic planning put this on hold as 19th Ward needs to find a new home which is taking priority.

Finger Lakes Soaring Club

  • Cy Kastner is a former engineer who earned pilot’s license. Past 20 years has flown gliders in Dansville. Opportunity for 2 HS students to learn to pilot gliders; Get license, See or visit Facebook page. Soaring Club has been in Dansville a long time; other pilots engaged in the program. Junior program starts at age 11-18; they are a Charter School, 401 C-3. 35-50 members at a time. Teach students and young people how to fly on Saturdays and Sundays; Juniors highly subsidized by club members. Weekend activity; number of adults with flying experience; 5 instructors.

  • Cy met with Victor Saunders; challenge is to find students who can handle the academic side.

  • Lieselle will connect Cy with Kelli Briggs, Director of Strategic & Community Partnerships to begin to spread the word. This would also require a commitment from the school the student attends.

Rochester Coalition for Public Education News (Minutes Index)

Coalition Agenda

1. Feedback on Board of Regents "Blue Ribbon Committee for Graduation Expectations":

David & Tricia

2. Feedback on Rich Ryan's Chapter on Student Motivation & Follow-up: Dan

3. RASE Feedback from 10/27 Meeting:

4. BoE Candidate Search Meeting concerns: Dan

5. RORE Charter School Proposal Meeting:

6. Proposal for Center for Govt. Research Initiative on "Student Interest in Exploring Racism":

7. Increasing Coalition Diversity Proposals: Dan

8. Alternative to "Anti-Racism PD" language: Dan

9. Feedback on Regents Turner/Norwood Meeting: Ed

10. Supt. Search:

11. Other Business:

12: Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 11th, 4:00 pm?

Addendum: Dan Drmacich will try to have Caterina Leone-Mannino at meeting to explore if Diane Ravitch's blog about TNTP is correct. In it TNTP sounds pretty bad and serves to promote privatization.

Walk in items

  • Pathways to Peace has increased staff from 5 to 15 and will be working out of schools. Focus on Social Emotional Skills, Conflict Resolution and Intervention; have noticed that housing is a large need so they are connected with Center for Youth (for young adults) and Housing Opportunities; staff will set up meetings for clients.

Scribe Services: Eleanor Coleman, CFC YouthBuild & Rotary, 224 -5119,

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