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I certainly hope we will see the RCSD and the City work together to rebuild neighborhoods.  Extensive work was done in 2016 by the Managed School Choice Task Force  headed by RCSD Board member Liz Hallmark.  A major recommendation that came from that study was to stop NEEDLESSLY busing kids all over the city.  We had no problem with "school choice" if the parent really has a valid reason to bus the student across town but most parents pick the school to get busing for their child for safety. As a result the current 1.5 mile state reimbursement formula is destroying our neighborhoods by separating parents from their child's school and destroying the cohesiveness of neighborhoods and the schools.
In 2016 I also recorded about 2/3 of the Managed Choice Policy Task Force  meetings and they are on my YouTube channel.  I started doing that so people who missed a meeting could look at the video and be ready for the next meeting.  Getting parents to come to these meetings was always difficult.  I hope this can be helpful.  I hope this will help people review what was done.
I recorded part of the Managed Choice Task Force 4/18/2016 Summaries from break-out groups https://youtu.be/4CKvDVYiM_k
and part of  the 2016 04 25 - Managed Choice Policy TF  https://youtu.be/kENoi8yOpUg

I think the first one I fully recorded is May 3rd 2016, and they go through to October 6th 2016 for about 20 meetings

2016-05-03 - Managed Choice Policy TF - Discussion of Ralph Spezio Paper  https://youtu.be/qJi34Z28SAU
2016-05-10 - Managed Choice Policy TF - Discussion of Dan Gildea's Placement Proposal  https://youtu.be/RII7m-Eh_oU
2016-05-17 - Managed Choice Policy TF Conrow & Delehanty Review Recruitment & Marketing Proposal  https://youtu.be/w5gC7DtFJbM
2016-05-26 - Managed Choice Policy TF - Community Accountable Schools Discussion - Boutet & Spezio   https://youtu.be/0wLhMhvpc8g
  I notice a link to the Boarddocs in that meeting description:  The text of the Framework can be found at: " http://www.boarddocs.com/ny/rochny/Board.nsf/files/AABV837F710D/$file/Bucket%203%20-%20Neighborhood%20Schools%20Proposal.pdf ".
2016-06-02- Managed Choice Policy TF Cont. Discussion of Boutet & Spezio Community Accountable Schls   https://youtu.be/dB5kuxEf03w
2016-06-09 - Managed Choice Policy TF Start of Requested School Data Review   https://youtu.be/bN3E2qL0tlw
2016-06-16 - Managed Choice Policy TF Data Review & Lottery, School Selection process   https://youtu.be/4TWIr4HOkpA
2016-06-23 - Managed Choice Policy TF Data Review with Adel Bovard and Kathy Hargis   https://youtu.be/mLXZL1E0dko
2016-06-30 - MCPTF Data & MCP Review with Adel Bovard and Kathy Hargis   https://youtu.be/G4kpaWNqg0A
2016-07-12 - MCPTF Data & MCP Review Molly Clifford and Kathy Hargis   https://youtu.be/g6Ijxk9wjB0
2016-07-19 - MCPTF - Review of MCP Policy Questions with Kathy Hargis   https://youtu.be/oLh770QAYIU
2016-07-28 - MCPTF - MCP Review with Mike Schmidt   https://youtu.be/PinHLcLYXs8
2016-08-11 - MCPTF Focus Group - Survey Questionnaire   https://youtu.be/sDuV4sGwiZ4
2016-08-18 - MCPTF - Focus Grp Policy Writing Sub Committee  https://youtu.be/JfEQOGy9XAo 
2016-08-25 - MCPTF - Focus Group - Survey Questionnaire Meeting #2   https://youtu.be/YThzmX1Yzvg 
2016-09-15 - MCPTF - Concurent Focus Grps Survey Questionnaire & Policy Writing   https://youtu.be/2z1f1X4fH2c
2016-09-22 - MCPTF - Policy Writing Focus Group   https://youtu.be/fIU0hQbRCew
2016-09-29 - MCPTF - Focus Group for Survey Questionnaire Development   https://youtu.be/LapxOF_xekE
2016-10-06 - MCPTF - Focus Group for Survey Questionnaire   https://youtu.be/1nzFlRzQyNI

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