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Voice of the Finger Lakes, Local Resident

There is a great article in the current edition of Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, featuring 19th Ward resident Michael Warren Thomas.  "His velvety rich voice fills the airwaves every weekend."  The article details how he offers "an unparalleled knowledge of all things food, wine, and gardening in the Finger Lakes... His Saturday and Sunday morning radio shows on WYSL-1040 AM are often required listening for folks who like to keep up with the region's wine and restaurant…


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Keuka Day Trip


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Rapids Cemetery

During River Romance this coming weekend, visit Rapids Cemetery on Congress Ave.  John Curran has spearheaded a long invigoration of this historic area, which few know about.  Major work has been done in cooperation with a number of volunteer groups.  Check it out from Noon to 4 PM, 10/8/17.  

Here is an older description from City newspaper, interesting from an historic point of view.  John has recruited many to help transform and preserve this hidden treasure for all to see.  …


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Ali's Tailor Shop on Thurston featured on Ch. 13 News

Ali's Tailor Shop, now in the former Hunts Hardware, was featured in a segment on Ch. 13 on Friday night.  To view, follow link:

Ali has long been on Thurston Rd. from his first shop opposite Rite Aid, to one across from Thurston Garage, and now in the old Hunts building.  He has invested in the…


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Dirt Bikes on City Streets

There are an increasing number of dirt bikes being driven on City streets.  This is illegal.  They are meant to be driven in isolated areas on tracks or paths, not in the City, which is dangerous to pedestrians and other vehicles.  The noise is also offensive as they drive back and forth in front of your house. 

You can sign a petition urging the Mayor to enforce the law against driving these and ATVs on City streets.  See:  …


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James Farr - A story Worth Reading

From Rochester Business Journal:

Tending to a Rochester jewel

Rochester Business Journal
January 6, 2017

For 40 years, James Farr has been a champion of Rochester, helping the city’s parks and public market thrive by connecting the right people to the right project, all united under one vision.

As director of…


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"Love Where You Live" Takes to the Streets

The Southwest Garden Group, Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County, and Lowe's are teaming up in a project called "Blocks in Bloom."  Lowe's wants to help people "Love Where You Live."  And this year, along with the City of Rochester, all will help bring front-yard gardens where none existed in City neighborhoods.  The uplift provided by front-yard gardens is considered helpful to stabilizing neighborhoods.

Homeowners or renters were identified who…


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Health Care Navigator

I have been informed that a Health Care Navigator will be at the Arnett Branch Library on Dec. 11 from 11 to 4 PM.  A navigator can be most helpful in showing you what plans would be most beneficial for you.  Some people have deadlines of Dec. 15 to be able to renew NYSofHealth plans.  You must if you have not received notice that your current plan has been renewed.  I have been informed mine was not renewed as they did not have enough information, due to household changes (or incompetency,…


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Farmer's Markets

Congratulations and thanks to Jackie for running another fantastically successful Market at St. Monica's.  My Tuesday would not have been complete without a visit.  What a great community service.

Sad that the season has ended, but you can visit the Brighton Farmer's Market during the winter.  The winter Market opens November 1 and meets every Sunday, 1 to 4 pm, through May 17 in Brighton’s Brookside Center, 220 Idlewood Rd.  Even though it's not the same, good for getting…


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Challenge! Best Photo, Special Fall Photo Feature

Who has the best seasonal photo for the next header for Location19?  Winner gets $15 free food at Deli Sandro's, a great favorite in neighborhood wonderful food.  Send your submission to John Boutet.  See top of site for info --- best format is horizontal. 

Maybe get that last Farmers Market shot on Tuesday next week, or capture some fall foliage the following in a trip to a favorite Finger Lake.  Visit a winery, enjoy the harvest.  Share your enjoyment with your neighbors and send in…


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Liason from Mayor's Office

E-mail received tonight:

Good Evening Community Groups – Block Clubs – Business Associations,


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as I have not had the pleasure of meeting everyone.  As many of you know, Jermayne Myers has moved into a new…


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Seed and Plant Sharing Page

Reminder -- there is a page in SW Garden Group for sharing seeds and plants.  If you want to divide a plant, thin the garden, or just share ... check it out.

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Mike and Mary Ellen/Dogs

Understand problem has been resolved.  How? 

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Clear Fire Hydrants!

Please adopt a fire hydrant near your house and dig it out of snow bank.  In the 10 minutes it will take the RFD to do this, your house could be a total loss.  Or you may help save a neighbor's life.  It is critical that we clear fire hydrants from snow.  Thank you.

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Philly Flower Show & Longwood Gardens Tour

The 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

"Celebrating the Magic of the Movies!"

See the largest annual indoor flower show in the world,

& the premier horticultural display garden in the

country - Longwood Gardens

March 4-5 (Wed.-Thurs.)

The theme for the 185th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is Hollywood – "Lights,…


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Location19 Donations

If you value Location19, consider a donation to help with operating costs.  John and Marian Boutet shoulder this effort, but it is a community effort.  Use the donate button on top left, in whatever amount, so they do not have to pay the whole cost for this website.  Join the Location19 Fans group, if you want!

It costs $300 a year, and we do not want to have them pay the cost.  It is for us!


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Bike Stolen Post

From a crime prevention point-of-view, this reminds us bikes should always be in a locked garage, or chained securely.

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Police BOLO

From Crime Prevention Officer Kris Runyon:


Hi there.

(In case you didn’t know, BOLO stands for “Be On the Look Out”) 

As is the season again, yesterday afternoon we had a call for door to door IDT energy sales on Aldine Ave near Woodbine.  We caught up with them on Post.  They, of course had no solicitors permit.  More importantly, when I got a chance later to run record checks on the fellows we stopped, both have arrest/convictions- one for larceny and…


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The Arnett Cafe

If you have not been there, The Arnett Cafe just west of the library is worth a visit.  They opened last summer, and have a great menu "with a southern flair."  I have been twice, and highly recommend.  They serve breakfast and lunch, only open until 2.  But do go, as all on their menu is great.  And served with "southern hospitality," so you will be sure to go back again.  This is in the former French Quarter space.  It is within walking distance in the 19th Ward, and only minutes from…


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SW Merchants

Information Links

These links plus others can also be found under the Links tab.


19th Ward Community Association
Rochester City Living



To report animal cruelty, call 911 or  THE ANIMAL CRUELTY HOTLINE: (585) 223-6500

Coupon offers from Pet Saver Superstore

City of Rochester Low-income Spay/Neuter for pet Dogs and Cats

Rochester Community Animal Clinic - low-income spay/neuter for pet dogs and cats, and feral cats

PAWS, Inc.Providing Animal Welfare Services

Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions - Petco Clinics

City of Rochester Adopt a Dog or Cat

Lollypop Farm, The Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County 



Brooks Court New Homes

City of Rochester Property Information

Rochester City Living

Trulia Listed Homes For Sale

UR Home Ownership Program

Zillow listed homes for sale


Arnett Public Library

Brooks Landing

City Councilman  Adam McFadden

City Councilman  Dana Miller

City of Rochester 

County Legislator 25th District John Lightfoot

County Legislator 27th  District  Willie Lightfoot

Craigslist 19th Ward Search

Genesee Valley Park

Metro Justice

RGRTA Bus Information

Minority Reporter

Rochester Green Living


Sector 4 Comm. Developmant Corp

SWAN Community Band

Savor Life Radio Show

Teen Empowerment

WRUR 88.5 U of R Radio

Southwest Family YMCA

UR Gov. & Community Relations



Rochester Prep Charter School

U.S. Dept. of Education



St. Monica Church

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church



Brue Coffee (on RocWiki)

El Latino Restaurant
D and L Groceries
Hand Crafted Wrought Iron
Jim Dalberth Sports
Menezes Pizza
TOPS Friendly Markets
Staybridge Suites


Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (CPLP)

Dealing with Lead
Drug Activity
Healthy Blocks
HEAP NY Home Heating Assistant
Home Safety Tips    LifeTimesAdultDay Health Care
NeighborWorks Rochester
Parking / Abandoned Vehicles
2-1-1 Social Services
ACT Rochester


Genesee Co-op FCU

3/50 Project

South Wedge Ning

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